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Giving credit for their uphill battle makes them feel worthy and up at the happiness index. Libra is the sign of scales. They need to feel in tune with themselves to live happily. They need body-mind-soul everything well balanced. With the right amount of balance and harmony, they can achieve anything. The measure of happiness scale for Libra is harmony and balance. Scorpios are compassionate and very faithful.

To be happy, Scorpio needs exhilaration.

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They have a hunger for massive and more intense exposures of life. When Scorpio lives a robotic and repetitive life, it is hard to please them. With exhilaration, you can fuel their fire of an adventurous and passionate life. Sagittarius are free-spirited people. The happiness index for them is all about being independent. If they are restricted or controlled, they will turn into a rebel!

They love traveling and adventure. Camping in the woods or bungee jumping can thrill them! Let them enjoy their free will. Capricorn loves to be in charge of responsibility.

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They enjoy high authority and a challenging atmosphere. They need to feel respected. Even in the family, they need special attention and respect. They often enjoy flaunting high status. Respect a Capricorn, and they will be blissfully happy. An Aquarius needs to stimulate his mind.

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They are intelligent and genius people. They want to expand the horizon of their minds.

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These people are the wise old soul. Aquarius is happy when they are up to something more meaningful, which can grow their intellectual abilities. When they enjoy leisure, shopping, something unique and innovative, they are the happiest souls you will see! Pisces people adore art and beauty. They are creative and want to beautify everything around them. They need to express their crazy innovative ideas. The channel to express these ideas may vary from sketching, singing, or dancing. Gift them an artistic showpiece or handmade, thoughtful card, and they will become your forever friend.

Giving them creative freedom will boost their zeal and happiness scale. So that is all about zodiac sign and their happiness index.

And that is how you can use astrology for happiness and success. Look at your zodiac sign, did you check your happiness scale while reading this article? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below. Looking for something?

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