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If you are dating seriously, with the strong emphasis on coupling up in October, you could become engaged or wed or might have already done so in late September. If you are already married, you can now find ways to grow closer as the weeks and months unfold. That new moon was in the partnering sign of Libra, at six degrees. If you are not dating or married, you may use the friendly partnering energy of that new moon to forge a partnership in business. You might sign a business partner, agent, manager, publicist, social media manager, writing partner, or new lawyer or accountant, as some examples.

The new moon of late last month will be potent for months—particularly so in the first week of October—and allow you to form a strong alliance. Any time you want to achieve a goal you cannot do by yourself, it is natural to align with another person to work together to achieve that goal or dream, so partnering including marriage is a seventh house matter. We always have to look at the aspects surrounding any new moon, and I am especially excited about your partnering prospects because the September 28 new moon was in Libra, which is the main sign associated with forming solid alliances.

Furthermore, you would need a well-placed, friendly Venus, for Venus rules Libra. Guess what? You have a beautifully oriented Venus in your horoscope, since directly on the day of that late-September new moon, Venus was in perfect angle to Jupiter, the great good fortune planet. This bodes so well for future happiness and prosperity with your partner in love or business.

On October , Pluto will finally go direct after having been retrograde since April Pluto is based in your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievements in a long journey that first started back in Whenever a big, slow-moving outer planet like Pluto turns direct, it gives clues to what elements in your life will be released from delays and start to move forward. You have two possible areas of gain—Pluto is currently in your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievements, so career news will be quite upbeat in the days encircling October This might indicate a large check is on the way, such as a commission, royalty, licensing fee, or an insurance payout for a claim you may have submitted.

Alternatively, you could hear that your application for an infusion of venture capital, a bank loan, or mortgage has won approval. You will see later in my report that you need to act early in the month on all financial matters, for we have a new moon on October 27 that will not be friendly for these matters. Act as early in the month as possible. The full moon this month will be in your sign, Aries, on October 13, at 20 degrees. It will be in perfect trine—denoting ideal harmony—with Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, making this full moon an exciting one for you.

Something of extreme importance to you will now come to fulfillment. There may be one other piece of good news. The eighth house, ruled by Pluto, is the house of surgery and transformation.

Pluto rules reproduction, so IVF is favored, and since Pluto also rules transformations, a surgeon could remove all that is hurting you and return you to health. It surely bodes well for a positive outcome. Now we turn to October 6, a time not to sign papers as Mercury will be under attack from unpredictable Uranus, and these two planets will be degrees from each other in the heavens.

Anything you agree to will have to be changed later or will perhaps work out opposite to your aims, so it would be best to avoid that day, October 6, by all means. Instead, I like October 19 or 20 for signing documents, a weekend when Mercury will be in perfect sync with Pluto, and Venus will work beautifully with Saturn.

This suggests any contract you sign then will remain a long time and profit would be more likely than if you signed earlier. You will see why later in this report. You might hear other news that will be personal to you and will also make you happy. Pluto will also be in exact aspect to the full moon, October 13, in what astrologers call a square, which is a challenging aspect. Pluto will be at a degree angle to the full moon, to an exact degree.

This full moon might bring up difficulty on the job from a high-level VIP. You may feel that someone is impugning your reputation, or you may deal with an unfair demand or accusation by a pushy VIP regarding your performance or a particular incident. You might have to defend yourself, so do so gently since the full moon will amplify all your words. You may not feel any of this, as those born within plus or minus four days of April 10 would feel Pluto. As you see, there are two very opposite possibilities of the full moon, but life is that way.

We have happy things going on in one area, and some touchy things going on in another. I still maintain that Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, in perfect angle to this new moon, will be big-time help. You can find a way to surface stronger than ever, so keep your wits about you. Here is the picture:. If you travel over the full moon weekend, October , either near or far, the trip could have a beautiful, luxurious touch that may be so much fun.

In the United States, that is Columbus Day weekend, so maybe you can go somewhere. Now we come to October 27, a new moon in Scorpio, at four degrees, that will be set up to be difficult. A new moon sets a path for six months, so it might take that long to straighten out. This new moon or the days that follow would not be the time to negotiate a financial deal or to ask for a raise or company benefits. I am not a financial broker or advisor, but looking at how difficult your chart will be for your finances, I suggest you not make monetary decisions or investment at this time unless your broker advises you to do so anyway.

I prefer you act early in the month before the new moon, October 27, but I do not know all the details in your life. There are other ways you might feel this new moon.

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You could have an unexpected expense, or you may owe taxes or uncover a loss, such as if a partner or employee has been stealing funds from you. The Sun and moon will be under attack by Uranus, and because the Sun is masculine ruling father or husband , and the moon is feminine ruling mother or wife , you might receive news about someone in the family that will require you to instantly roll into action to make decisions and direct others to help. You will likely hear whatever news comes up immediately, so you might wish to keep your schedule light in the last week of October so you will have the flexibility to go in any direction you need to go.

You had a date a little bit like this opposition to the Sun and new moon last year on October 24, , so you can look in your email to see if anything came up at that time. Take note of what happens now and see how long it may take if you do have to work on a solution. I will be coming on Twitter to find out what is going on in your life my handle is Astrologyzone. It is much easier for me to have discussions on Twitter than it is on Instagram, but I am on both.

I can answer questions easier on Twitter, so I hope you will join me. Make sure you have healing crystals, drippy wax candles and fresh lavender in the bath. Mercury retrograde begins on the 31st as does a whole new phase in your self-care journey. Speak up for what you need. Your friends want to help you. Dance all night. You deserve praise for those skills!

As the sun moves into Scorpio on the 23rd, you are ready for a break from reality. The new moon in Scorpio on the 27th should be spent offline, reflecting on your growth since this time last year. As Mercury retrograde launches on the 31st, pause to acknowledge what is no longer serving you. Get focused on the big picture.

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As the sun in Libra continues to light up your public image sector, your career is on fire, baby! On the flipside though, you are so burnt out. The lack of sleep is catching up to you and so are the holes in the sole of your once-fashionable boots. Take a day off and get your bangs trimmed, then get back to work. You are completely absorbed in family drama around the full moon in Aries on the 13th. As the sun enters Scorpio on the 23rd, you are suddenly inundated with invitations to gatherings for both business and pleasure. At the new moon in Scorpio on the 27th, have an actual adventure with your ride-or-dies.

When Mercury stations retrograde on the 31st, more than one old acquaintance may appear in your inbox wanting to hang. Make some time in your calendar for them too. You find out something major on the full moon on the 13th in Aries. Though you are authentically thrilled for her, you immediately feel overwhelmed by the collateral responsibilities heading your way.

Practice patience and offer support. Though you may feel like a fish out of water, especially with so much change in your home life to process, relish in how wonderful it feels to have a fresh perspective and fewer expectations.

Full Moon in Aries 13th October 2019

Mercury stationing retrograde on the 31st offers even more space to explore the work environment that best supports you. But instead, you keep engaging in petty drama with toxic friends. You discover a surprise gift in your mailbox at the new moon in Aries on the 13th. Savor its rewards. You may even want to thank them publicly. As the sun enters Scorpio on the 23rd, you feel inspired to commit to some long-term goals. Use the new moon on the 27th as an opportunity to get clear about where you want to be in the next month, the next year and even the next decade.

As Mercury stations retrograde on the 31st, you run into an old professor, inspiring you to consider what it might be like to head back to school. Keep learning. You are ready for cuffing season. Unfortunately, though, you keep getting sidetracked from achieving peak cozy because you are so tied up at the office. Make a plan to play hooky and spend the day on the couch with your boo.

Tackling your inbox feels better after a good shoulder rub. If you feel the urge to get a drastic haircut or buy some stylish but risky new wardrobe pieces, go for it around the full moon on the 13th! Let this bold choice inspire some fresh self-confidence. The new moon on the 27th is the time to negotiate a lower interest rate, make that call about your student loans or follow up on those late invoice payments. On the 13th, the full moon in Aries urges you to step out of your comfort zone or let someone else take the lead.

Order a matcha latte instead of a black coffee just once. Sure, you may not love it, but be open to the experience. Whatever happens could expand your sense of self. As Scorpio season begins on the 23rd, love is on the brain. Like a flash of lightning, someone intriguing enters your life around the new moon on the 27th. All you wanna do is have some fun. Heading up to the mountains for Oktoberfest, renting a car for a weekend at the vineyard and trying out every pumpkin spice scone in a mile radius are on your agenda for the top of the month.

Bring your boyfriend or your BFF along to calm your nerves and also to get them pumped about the cause. Nurture your relationships by participating in something you believe in together.

Aries horoscopes for October 12222

Despite all the attention to detail, on the new moon on the 27th, you may be caught off guard when you miss an appointment or a deadline. Use this mistake as an opportunity to revamp how you approach your routine. Be careful though; with Mercury stationing retrograde on the 31st , you may get obsessed!

Share your comforts as you weather their storm. A major breakthrough in your career arrives with the full moon in Aries on the 13th. Whether you are stepping into a new role after the sudden firing of your boss or grappling with a skyrocketing follower count on Instagram—suddenly, a lot of people are listening to you! With great power comes great responsibility and a whole lot of work , so pace yourself.

You deserve the space to grow into who you are becoming. As Scorpio season kicks off on the 23rd, you are inspired to make art! As Mercury stations retrograde on the 31st, you start digging even further into the creative archives. Listening to that ska album you made in high school might be as cringeworthy as it is inspiring for your next great work.

Be your own muse. At the top of this month—after years of living in the same place—you are finally feeling like you understand your neighborhood.

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Get out of town for the full moon in Aries on the 13th. Scorpio season begins on the 23rd, and you are ready to retreat to your cave.

Aries October 12222

The new moon on the 27th finds you starting the process of deep cleaning your apartment or reconnecting with extended family members for the first time in many moons. Your public image has been shifting over the last year and has left you feeling disconnected from your own private life. Is it possible to have too much fun keeping track of your weekly budget? At the beginning of this month, you are continually delighted by your own dedication to Google Sheets.