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People with Saturn in the 1st house get an older spouse because Saturn's full aspect is on the 7th house of marriage and spouse. Saturn shows older people, while the ascendant represents your body and your personality; the native can feel like an old person all throughout life especially if Saturn is weak or in an enemy sign. But Saturn here also makes the native structured, organized, disciplined and hard worker.

Whatever these guys achieve in their life, it comes through hard work, sometimes physical hard work.

Importance of Saturn in Vedic Astrology

From the 1st house Saturn aspects the 3rd house which means there may not be younger siblings, relationship with siblings might become distant with age and time, but more so with a younger siblings if there is any. From the ascendant, Saturn aspects the 10th house of career. This is why these folks can be very organized, disciplined and structured in their professional life. They can go into law, engineering, mechanical career, construction or coal business.

Saturn in the 2nd house - In the second house Saturn separates the native from their family at an early age, gives a drive to succeed financially, but at the same time restricts the relationship with the mother, and gives delay in getting a car and house. In 2nd house Saturn delays wealth and success till the age of Saturn in the second house brings a very strict and organized family environment where the native might feel trapped or may becomes a very disciplined individual themselves.

But, there would be great relationship with one's uncle and grand parents. Saturn from the 2nd house aspects the 4th house of mother, comfort, childhood and land. This can be a bit of a harsh aspect because the nourishment of the mother may be lacking, the mother could be quite strict and organized in her approach to raising the native. There would be delay in receiving convinces, home and luxurious items. Saturn also puts pressure upon the mother where the mother might be forced to work much harder than other people.

Saturn from the 2nd house also aspects the 8th house, this means that Saturn gives long life to the native, family assets or joint assets after marriage take time to build and there would be a serious relationship with one's in-laws. However, with the full aspect on the 8th house, Saturn would be lot of interest in occult, astrology, things hidden underground or might even make the native go into jewelry business, mining business or oil business since Saturn represents oil. Saturn's aspect on its own original 11th house can provide lot of gains to the native during his mahadasha, there would be lot of support and gains through the government and there would be financial stability due to Shani's aspect.

Saturn in the 3rd house - This is a very good position for Saturn as it makes the native very creative, gives a heavy voice good for radio love for long writing which is perfect novelist and script writers, and usually makes the native travel for business. Saturn in the 3rd house will not let the native be in a job or service situation, he or she will eventually have their own business and be their own boss.

Saturn may also restrict relationship with the father, too, especially if its aspecting or sitting with Sun in the same house.

Saturn in the Eleventh House of Astrology Birth Chart (Saturn in the 11th house)

In the 3rd house Saturn gives worldly success after the age of 32, and usually with this position Moon is in the 12th house or in aspect to Saturn. Saturn in the 3rd house will give estranged relationship with siblings, close neighbors and friends especially in the early part of life.

Here Saturn hates team work and loves to work by himself. This is why Saturn in the 3rd house people should work for themselves and make money through their own effort. From the 3rd house Saturn aspects the 5th house of children, creativity, cinema, performing arts and basic education. Father might be absent in the life of the native, might travel for long duration and the native would have very distant relationship with his or her teacher till midlife.

Then, from the 3rd house Saturn aspects the 12th house, this can block imagination, spiritual purists and foreign journeys to later in life. There might be great interest in spirituality and occult but it won't be fulfilled until late in life. Saturn in the 4th house - Saturn in the 4th house gives lots of family problems and restriction till alter age. Saturn usually delays wealth till the age of In the 4th house Saturn provides structure, organization and disciplined in the home. There might be great stress while growing up with lack of convinces, home might have a strict environment while mother would be catalyst of such structure.

Navamsa (astrology)

There might be great age difference between the native and their mother or mother had them late in life. From the 4th house Saturn aspects the 6th house which is of enemies, obstacles and diseases, Saturn can provide great protection and delay illnesses to the native unless of course it's debilitated, in which case there would be problems with bones, skeleton and joints, but Saturn also provides victory over enemies due to it's aspect on upachaya house.

Saturn also aspects the 10th house again, which means the native would be very hard worker, disciplined and organized in their approach to work life while at the same time Saturn's aspect on the ascendant provides discipline and structure upon the native's personality, however career might be delayed till late 20's or early 30's due to Saturn's slow moving pace. Saturn's aspect upon the native's personality can make him tall, older, mature and quite dull in life, unless of course Saturn rules the ascendant, in which case the native would be handsome. Creativity is blocked since Saturn is sitting instead of aspecting the 5th house.

Saturn is a slow moving planets and due to such reasons kids come late in life, but if Saturn is in a good sign then all the things related to Saturn may not be so delayed, rather Saturn to bring structure, organization and discipline towards those things. Saturn can block or delay the creativity of the native because Saturn is not a creative planet, but if Saturn's association takes place with Venus or Mercury then it can show tremendous creativity in the native while also giving them skills to put them to work.

Saturn's 3rd aspect is on the 7th house for this is why Saturn delays the marriage. Bill Gates Saturn is in the 5th house and he didn't get married till he was But, even though Saturn delays the marriage, it brings a very mature, dedicated and disciplined partner, most likely someone who might be older in age or mind. Then, Saturn aspects the 11th house of gains, and this placement can bring speculative gains, gains through business, media and betting during Saturn's mahadasha but if Saturn is not a good sign then it can creative lot of problems receiving those gains.

However gains would involve some sort of creative aspect. Saturn in the 5th house also aspects the 2nd house of family, family history, wealth, speech.

This can provide delay in marriage or forming one's own family, family environment might be dark, dull and strict while at the same time the person might be quite since Saturn's aspect on 2nd house makes the native shy about speaking, because 2nd house shows our speech. Saturn in the 6th house - This is a favorable position for Saturn since in the 6th house it grows positive with time just like the 3rd, 7th, 10th and 11th house. Here, Saturn will destroy all enemies, gives favor from the superior and timely promotions.

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Lawyers usually have Saturn in the 6th 7th and 9th house. This position also gives long life. Saturn in the sixth house makes one organized, discipline and structured in their approach to dealing with small animals, debts, diseases as in medical profession, caretaker, divorce lawyer or someone who might work in the police force. Saturn in the sixth house grows better with time and the native would defeat his or her enemies through patience and discipline. However, it can also cause joint pains and bone problems with Saturn is debilitated.

Saturn from the sixth house aspects the 8th house of longevity, family assets and occult, so Saturn naturally gives exactly the same thing as 2nd house aspect, it however a bit different. Saturn here gives lot of assets after marriage through one's enemies, loans and debts, while also helping other people like a doctor or vet. Saturn's aspect on the 12th house shows journey to foreign lands regarding debts or disease which in today's day can be know for medical profession, also Saturn from sixth house aspect to 12th house shows working for a multinational corporation, but usually in the 6th house Saturn shows someone who is a worker rather than a business owner, they love to serve people and serve their community.

Saturn from sixth house also aspects the 3rd house, so there could be support from siblings, older relatives, during Saturn dasha one can be inclined towards writing books or media or perhaps even going into sales regarding the profession they are in. This is the best position for a businessman, a politician, and a real estate developer.

Cosmic Relation

Saturn in the 7th house usually delays the marriage unless it's in it's own sign, or retrograde. Saturn brings in a mature, older and serious partner with whom it may feel like that marriage is more of a duty and business than actual love but Saturn's job it to maintain things for long duration this why such people have long lasting and successful marriage because they are based on realistic idea, discipline and structure.

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The native should always marry late with such placement, at least after 28th birthday. From the 7th house Saturn aspects the 9th house, there is a great deal of duty towards father, gurus, teachers and the native is quite disciplined towards learning about higher philosophy, religion and graduate studies. He will suffer diseases and mental anguish. He will go begging and be disabled; His means of livelihood will be service and dance.

Jupiter in Leo, Venus in Virgo, Saturn in Gemini and Mars in the 4th identical with own house — will be a headmen or leader. Saturn in Aquarius, Mars in Capricorn and the Moon in Aries while the 2nd is occupied by the Sun — will enjoy paternal wealth or his own wealth. However, this can cause Balarishta in the 8th, or the 12th year. Will later on prove inauspicious for the elder brother or sister. Saturn is in Cancer, Rahu in Taurus — the native will be very liberal, enjoy numerous Yogas and reach a high state in life, will be famous, a chief in his race and many women.

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  • If, however, Saturn is alone and aspects the 5th, there will be only one marriage. Saturn in the Ascendant in exaltation or in own sign, the native will be like a king or head of a village or a town. If Saturn is in any other house, the native will be unhappy in his childhood and later will be poor and lazy Phaladeepika. He will wander in foreign countries and be addicted to other women. He will be base and insulted in royal circles. He will have a short span of life.

    His end will occur in a foreign country through poison, fire or jail. He will have limited gains and luxuries. He will be famous and be liked by all. He will put up with difficulties, be wealthy, jealous, respected and valorous. He will have issues and be happy.

    Saturn - Shani Grah Astronomy & Vedic Astrological Significance

    He will speak sweetly and be friendly. He will respect his parents, preceptors and God. Saturn and Mercury are together in Libra Ascendant in Chart 2. Saturn is in exaltation. The native was the prime minister of England and came to be known as the Iron Lady. Chart 2: Margaret Thatcher: Born October 13, at 09h. Chamatkara Chintamani, for the same combinations, says the native will own large properties and be prosperous but greedy, sorrowful and narrow minded.

    Saturn is the Ayushkaraka, the chief governor of longevity. If he occupies the house of longevity, namely, the 8th house, the native gets a long span of life. Let us consider one more case where Saturn occupies a pivotal position giving favourable results to the native. Saturn together with Venus and Jupiter in the 11th house Chart 3 gave Ford wealth, fame and popularity which are in agreement with what Horasara says.

    It was during Saturn Dasa that he saw steady growth in business, status and wealth. Madhya Parasari also speaks of the favourable results of Saturn, if he be in the Ascendant in his own sign Capricorn or Aquarius and Mercury is associated with Venus or aspects him when the native will have both wealth and fame. According to the Bhrigu Sutras, when Saturn is well-placed or well-aspected, one is grave, profound, prudent, and cautious and has excellent organising and executive abilities.

    Thus, while Saturn is a destroyer of false ideals , he is also a redeemer in that he brings in a state of introspection and stimulates effort towards perfection. Saturn-borns are extremely sensitive but they hide their feelings and emotions under a mask of reserve. If frequently censured, they withdraw from association and their progress and development get much delayed.

    Saturn is considered to be favourable for people born in the signs owned by Venus whereas he is evil for those born in signs owned by Mercury. He is also beneficial when he is in his own sign or when he occupies the signs of Jupiter or when he is exalted. Saturn when benefic makes a person reliable, honest, sincere, faithful and chaste. He aids concentration, meditation, prayers etc. In short Saturn is not as bad as he is made out to be.