Gemini and gemini compatibility sexually

Having a partner who's ready to join in whenever boredom strikes is something extremely pleasing for both. Furthermore, they understand each other's need for freedom and will always have it. This is a couple that is always up for trying new things. To find out how do Gemini and Gemini get along in more details, here we have a Gemini and Gemini analysis on love life, sexual, emotional and marriage compatibility.

Gemini Man and Gemini Woman: Nature of Bonding

Although Gemini relationships are usually short but filled with excitement and new experiences, a Gemini and Gemini relationship is different. As same signs who share a lot of similarities, two Geminis can have an incredible understanding and flawless communication. Their views on love and romance are basically the same, which is why their relationship will always be as they want it to be. However, their thirst for adventure and new experiences can often make their relationship seem a bit shallow and more like a friendship instead of a romantic relationship.

These two need a constant intellectual stimulation and amusing communication, so when together, they can be each other's sounding board for all of their ideas, thoughts, theories and dreams. Are Gemini and Gemini sexually compatible?

Simply said: yes, but let's discuss it a bit more details. Gemini is not necessarily perceived a sexual sign, but they still have needs and what better partner to satisfy their particular and always changeable sexual needs than another Gemini? Two Geminis will try out everything they can think of in their sex life and they will always be absolutely satisfied. If they're not, they're out and looking for another partner. Sex is one of the most important aspects in a relationship with Gemini, so they won't forgive someone rejecting them for a quickie in the elevator.

However, before getting physical, Geminis need to click mentally. One of their greatest quality that benefits their sex life is their ability and desire to learn. As creative and open-minded as they are, two Geminis will have amazing sex wherever, whenever and however their imagination hints.

Gemini and Gemini Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

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That happens when the home life is not tended to. Neither one is particularly responsible, meaning important matters may get left by the wayside. The Gemini woman Gemini man couple enjoy spending money.

Gemini in Relationships & in Bed

So their finances are not always as solid as they need them to be to live the lavish lifestyle they both desire. This means one of them has to step up and be the more organized individual. They can both be unreliable to sustain a healthy household. This might eventually end in a breakup. Give each other space and things will work out for both of you.

The Zodiac Sign You're Most Compatible With In Bed

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