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Scorpio belongs to October 24 to November Sagittarius is linked to people who born during November 23 to December Capricorn belongs to men and women from December 22 to January Pisces are starting from February 19 to March The number of astrologer in the world who predict and forecast about Zodiac signs, and provide useful predictions about their daily horoscope, monthly horoscope, weekly and yearly horoscope.

Secret Tarot. They are gathering information to see if and when you will be walking away from a situation that no longer emotionally fulfills you. Thank you so much for your support. I appreciated it. I am not giving private readings. Schedule for live shows: Sunday - Thursday p. Secret Tarot accepts no liability or responsibility for any action a client chooses to take.

Syed Haider Jafri. In this Capricorn weekly horoscope video Jafri explains and gave his weekly predictions about Capricorn and how it will be beneficial for Capricorn Star Sign. Well this week having a depression on some cases. So he gives advice how to tackle this eclipse and specially woman who are pregnant. We could say that in this July third week astrology predictions are encircling that be careful. In especially family matters giving clear indications about something going to happens.

To avoid such situations be care full and hold your horses. Though these weeks having a big event of Moon Eclipse but in some cases star bring good news as well. Last week most of people asking for Zaicha and when we talked to them they are worried about the weekly predictions which we given in last week. Most of the callers are saying that your weekly predictions are too good. Well we said that what we study about your star signs we told you in our weekly horoscope videos. As our astrology predictions contains all weekly horoscope information in Urdu language so we got lot of Urdu speaking or Asian people call from Europe, America and Middle East.

I started my carrier as zodiac consultant, I have vast experience of Horoscope, and we made lot of videos on horoscope topic. Under this topic we made yearly horoscope, then we started monthly horoscope and after this we started weekly horoscope. We did not stop our journey on that point, we started YouTube live Broad casting weekly basis. We try our best to reply as much as we can tell them about their Horoscopes and do the predictions free of cost and told them the remedies on the spot.

When we started our journey many years back on YouTube, at that time we can count Pakistani astrologer on fingers. Now we have lot of new Astrologers Many of them having vast experience in Astrology or Horoscope prediction field. They are doing lot of efforts including myself to give quality of services to our beloved clients for future forecasting. After starting weekly Horoscope or Weekly Predictions we put lot of load on our shoulders. But frankly speaking we enjoy a lot while video recording of Weekly horoscope.

Well at the time of weekly forecast we have very thin space to move. Clients want to know every bit and small details of their astrology of next 12 months. We have to give something new to our customers. Keeping in mind that our customers IQ level is variant. But we try our best. Zaicha ha is term used normally in south Asia like Pakistan and India which meanings are horoscope predictions or horoscope forecast.

Zaicha forecasting of 12 stars which I am sure all you people knows Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Capricorn, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces we tell next 12 months upcoming events in their life, not only tells them but we gave them remedies as well.

Normally our clients use to ask about their wealth, their business, their family matters and of course about their relationships Love Birds. Sometime People call us for their illness physically or spiritually. We would like to tell you that we do not charge them and offer our services without fee. We are going to plan to build Astrology Institute to give knowledge about horoscope and astrology and palm readings.

Zodiac is science and we try to educate people about future forecasting. Pray for us that we succeed. Urdu Doctrine. I started my carrier as zodiac consultant, I have vast experience about Horoscope, and we made lot of videos on horoscope topic. We did stop our journey there, we started YouTube live Broad casting weekly basis. Now we have lot of new Astrologers Many of them having vast experience in Astrology or Horoscope predictions. After staring weekly Horoscope or Weekly Predictions we put of lot load on our shoulders. Weekly predictions are very tough job. But frankly speaking we enjoy a lot.

Well doing forecasting about horoscope especially weekly forecast is very tough.

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In this forecasting of 12 twelve stars which I am sure all you people knows Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Pisces we tell next 12 months upcoming events in their life, not only tells them but we gave them remedies as well. Sometime People call us for their illness physically or spiritually at that time we do not charge them and offer our services without fee.

Now you can understand astrologers or zodiac consultants work patron, minimum we shoot and edit and upload 72 videos every month. Raja Haider. Hello,Salaam,Namastay,Sasriacal,Bonjour all my friends. If you stop your experiment at this point, communication with radio modems, ham radio, marine you're apparently justified in saying, 'The animal has communications, air traffic control, etc. In medical that microwave ovens leak up to 5, microwatts and terms, stress decompensation has set in, and the animal that the cumulative density of radio waves around us is is now more susceptible to other stressors, including more than million times the natural level from the malignant growth and infectious diseases.

The adrenal cortex Despite corporate media becomes exhausted, the disinformation, those of us who frequencies have a primary endocrine system erratic. In have been paying attention know impact on all life forms… offices with their computers, that extremely low frequencies lighting, telephones and fax have a primary impact on all life machines, the EM field forces forms and that lower power the neurotransmitter acetyl- densities can do more damage choline to emit subliminal than higher densities, particularly when it comes to distress signals.

Blood pressure and brain wave patterns radiofrequency RF or microwave absorption. In his change, and blood triglyceride levels go up—harbingers book The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of of stroke, heart attack and arteriosclerosis. Stress Life, Robert O. Becker, MD, stressed that we should be response, desynchronised biocycles, interference with most concerned about extremely low frequencies: cellular metabolism and growth process—the list goes "…The major problems come from extremely low on, culminating in genetic alteration of future frequencies, but higher frequencies have the same effects generations.

This is very often the case, for, to transmit information, microwaves Enter the Military Battlespace Now Everywhere or radio waves must be shaped. This is done by Besides the crossfire of radiation from FM radio and interrupting the beam to form pulses or by modulating television stations and cellphones bouncing from tower the frequency or amplitude size of the waves.

Furthermore, today's environment is a latticework of Consumers have convenience and careers on their mind, crisscrossing signals in which there's always the while the military—industrial complex is investing in possibility of synergistic effects or the 'construction' of weapons and control—what it calls "C4" Command, new ELF signals from the patterns of interference Control, Communications, Computers.

If you haven't between two higher frequencies. Therefore, experiments noticed this military presence, Dr Becker explained why: in which cells or organisms are exposed to a single "Because industry and the military demand unrestricted unmodulated frequency, though sometimes useful, are use of electromagnetic fields and radiation, their intrinsic irrelevant outside the lab. They're most often done by hazards are often compounded by secrecy and deceit.

Rapidly technologies and electromagnetic energy are used by the changing electric or magnetic fields then couple with military as integral components of weapons systems electronic systems and produce damaging current and precisely because they are detrimental to life. The film Enemy of the State, starring Will Smith Examples include laser systems free electron, X-ray, and Gene Hackman, offered an neutral particle beam, chemical- infotainment preview of how "eye in the oxygen-iodine, mid-infrared advanced sky" satellites like the IRIS track us with chemical laser, etc. Remotely vision and holograms; ion-beam controlled open-source data Antipersonnel plasma augmented-reality mind surveillance technology like weapons control delivered by satellites that first microcomputers, pattern recognition, track targets via their bioenergetic voice- and thought-activation, euphemistically signatures and then couple plasma including brain-wave monitoring of thoughts, is now big business thus the known as with their EM fields; and, of course, nonaural carriers that directly induce term military—industrial complex.

In line with Cold rapidly disappearing as the military sonic, phaser… War secrecy and deceit, thousands of redefines all of life as a "battlespace". Corvallis and Eugene, Oregon. Take, for example, the high- Pulse-modulated microwaves are power microwave HPM projectile known as the Active efficient carriers of mind-control signals in that they can Denial System ADS that pulses electromagnetic pass through a skull that is otherwise resistant to low- radiation at 95 GHz, boils molecules in and under the level non-pulsed electromagnetic radiation, as in ELFs.

A turn of the Medford for years. What this reveals is that these two LRAD dial can cook eyeballs and organs, and permanent titans colluded in EM experiments of nuclear magnetic auditory damage occurs at 15 metres. This "non-lethal" resonance, induction of cancers, interference with mental device is usually mounted on a Hummer and is primarily processes, etc. In fact, the used for crowd control. By , the Fischer due to being bombarded with confusion rays. PhD, as a year-old in Bellaire, Texas. The Neurophone On 17 August , Senator Frank Church, heading up could deliver aural harassment via microwaves or lasers the US Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental by first converting sound to electrical impulses that Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities, went would then be transmitted on radio waves to the skin and on NBC's Meet the Press and said the following: convince the brain that it had "heard" a sound.

The "I know the capacity that is there to make tyranny total Neurophone, like all mind-control discoveries, was in America, and we must see to it that this agency [the quickly given a "national security" classification. National Security Agency] and all agencies that possess In , neuroscientist Allan Frey sliced microwave this technology operate within the law and under proper carriers, inserted audio modulation and remotely sent supervision so that we never cross over microwave hearing to the auditory cortex that abyss…from which there is no of targets.

It was found that pulsing return. Later, at could deliver aural effects of drugs, bacteria and poisons. Frey Brezhnev described these weapons as could speed up, slow down or stop "more frightful than the mind of man by first converting hearts by synchronising heartbeat to a has ever conceived". He was looking sound to electrical pulsed microwave beam. Ross Adey, MD, at the Brain create a computerised map of the individual's Research Institute of the University of California, Los subconscious, including impulses such as anger and sex Angeles, was studying pulsed frequencies for confusion drive.

The mapping of primary frequency allocation and beam weaponry. By interfering with the brain's calcium distribution of biotelemetrically responsive frequencies flow, concentration, sleep and brain functions could be is known in the intel business as prima freaking. With disrupted. Author Evelyn Waugh may have been the taped subliminal messages, Smirnov could alter the target of such a technology see his novel The Ordeal mental landscape. In , Joseph C. Synthetic telepathy connects subvocalised signals ization, whether by design or not.

For "EEG It's the closed-circuit television of the mind. By using ELF cloning", the target's electromagnetic field is first audiograms carried by a single pulse-modulated maser, monitored then decoded via computer software, after subvocalised thoughts of synthetic telepathy operators which the emotional patterns are fed back to the target's can be beamed into the target's brain for "forced brain—or to another brain. Place a 5. These, even today, monitor millions of people superconductors have made MEGs portable—perfect for simultaneously.

Eventually they will monitor almost everyone…worse In , the Defense Advanced Research Projects than any Orwellian 'Big Brother' nightmare you could Agency launched the Brain—Machine Interfaces program possibly imagine, only it will be a reality. Yet our world to create "new technologies for augmenting human leaders, who know this, do nothing. In other words, the computer US Special Forces soldiers wear MEG-scanner "thought repeats echoes your own thoughts and then the human helmets" and carry backpack signal-processing super- monitors comment or respond verbally.

These are triggered by your thoughts thousand nefarious uses while the lowest of the low while the human monitors remain silent or absent. To continue to monitor and harass "gaslight" whomever comprehend how terrible such a thorough invasion of their masters command. You eventually fall off to sleep, having the unreasonable search and seizure of minds? The draft resolution in the room will be oblivious to the fact that an excitation specifically addressed EMR weapons, but the wording in potential for suicide or murder is resetting the brain of section 27 of the final resolution included "a global ban their friend or relative for depression or rage.

This on all developments and deployments of weapons which technology may have been might enable any form of behind the "suicides" of political manipulation of human activist Abbie Hoffman, singer beings". British scientist science degree to see that Space Preservation Act of Tim Rifat in the UK explained it was introduced into Congress to this way: remote satellite tracking ban all directed-energy weapons "…Intelligence chiefs are now and over-the-horizon DEWs. After several rewrites, it in seventh heaven; if someone failed to be passed.

Institute for Disarmament parked outside their house. Research formally listed a new Within weeks, the victim kills category of weapon of mass himself… destruction: Psychotronic Mind "If the military intelligence agency does not wish you to Control and other Electromagnetic Resonance commit suicide, they can drive you mad. This is done by Weapons. To aid in this, the intelligence operatives can Michigan Public Acts and , signed by Canadian- place sounds and speech in the target victim's brain.

This born Governor Jennifer Granholm on 28 December Transmission of auditory data directly into the targets' brains using microwave carrier beams is now Cognitive Warfare common practise [sic]. The torture and interrogation, memories triggered by "asymmetric" "Revolution in Military Affairs" has always Neurophone questioning, and brain-wave analysers included cognitive warfare that utilises "strategic personality delivering "forced conversations" and programming are simulations" multiple personalities created by MK- about the establishment of electronic PoW concentration ULTRA for varied covert missions.

The cognotechnology of camps in our own homes and workplaces. They're about nanotechnology, biotechnology and information technology has mental rape and intellectual property stolen right out of always been front and centre. Intel operatives are traumatised our heads.

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Now, the line between civilian and military has been The public tends to forget that telecommunication erased and we are all living in the battlespace. Private corporations are military contractors wielding almost security firms, mobsters and lowlifes contracting with the absolute power over communities.

Few know that in intelligence community are doing its dirty work so that —the year before the flagrant Telecommunications congressional oversight can be avoided. Or the hitmen are managing cerebral policy of dual use for non-lethal weapons like the ADS, imaging and dreams at a distance via the scalar long-range acoustic devices LRADs and the remote EM component of a weak magnetic field.

Thomas E. Bearden Ret. Is Voluntary muscle movements can be short-term it, or does it have another agenda? S4s Silent Sound Spread false memories. Illnesses well through earth or buildings, Keith noticed that his like flu are fired at targets. Buildings where dissident thoughts were disrupted early morning and evening by a groups meet are turned into instantaneous hot spots.

He Government abductions are disguised as alien heard neighbours shouting and threatening outside and abductions with paralysis beams followed by short-term slowly realised that the Tenderloin was a double-blind memory wipes and implantation of false memories. Who would take seriously the complaints of expose the modulations of sounds inside. Even the anyone poor, mentally unstable or addicted? These weapons may await those Americans Hundreds of microwave towers and antennae are going who still seek to exercise the vanishing Bill of Rights.

We are is long-wave, tissue-penetrating microwave radiation imprisoned in an EM fog, slow-boiling frogs in an EM bombarding everyone below and in its path; at the soup. Our biological cycles are off, and chronic stress bottom, video monitors, miniature sensors magnetic, and disease are mounting. Meanwhile, the medical and seismic, infrared, radar and strain electromagnetic and pharmaceutical industries grow richer than in their signals processing supposedly for weather and wildest dreams.

Act of White writes: convenience, dual use technology is We are imprisoned "For the first time in history, one arriving in every neighbourhood. These devices have totally testimony given on 21 September Our biological disabled the world's justice before the Subcommittee on cycles are off… systems… Zero-evidence wea- Health and Scientific Research, pons make revenge crimes routine along with FOIA requests of and easy. More Loss of freedom of thought information is available on the means much more than the loss Internet, thanks to researchers and of a republic.

It means the loss of targets who have directly experienced DEW torture— civilisation and what it is to be human. These costs of nonconsensual experimental subjects who are often sleeping in our chains of comfort and convenience are highly verbal, individualistic people living alone, without too much to pay. About the Author: Though not all reports are credible, my experience has Elana Freeland, based in Olympia, Washington, USA, has been that most are—if you are somewhat familiar with been a Waldorf Steiner school pioneer, storyteller and how the technology works.

For the past two decades, she has ghostwritten We are lab rats in a Dr Martin Seligman learned- books on diverse topics and edited the stories of survivors of helplessness experiment. She is the author of the Sub passivity, isolation, poor health, immobility, stress and Rosa America series, a fictional history of the United States even madness and suicide are recorded and followed up. Dominance of Planet Earth Feral House, ; see review in this issue. She can be contacted by email at Thanks to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental stargirth gmail. Biblical and historical researcher David N of the war and why they were in such a panic to win quickly.

Then there were the bombs. Contained in this book are reports to Texts from ancient India tell us about great cycles of of structured bombs of nipolit, N-stuff bombs, cold bombs, destruction. The Maya reveal another version of the story, and oxygen bombs which destroyed all life, atomic bombs and were very clear about the timing of events from December rumors of the mysterious molecular bomb. The true history of to Topics include: Bible Prophecy; The Mayan the fuel-air bomb is revealed by our own military. Sanderson Foreword by David Hatcher Childress he mysterious standing stones, burial grounds and stone circles T that lace Europe, the British Isles and other areas have intrigued scientists, writers, artists and travelers through the centuries.

They IthenSanderson, this book originally published over 30 years ago, a renowned zoologist with a keen interest in pose so many questions: Why do some places feel special? How paranormal, puts forward the curious theory that do Ley lines work?

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How do ghosts and oceans. This underwater, parallel, civilization may be poltergeists interact with Earth energy? How can Earth spirals and twice as old as Homo sapiens, he proposes, and may black spots affect our health? This exploration shows how natural have ''developed what we call space flight''. Sanderson forces affect our behavior, how they can be used to enhance our postulates that the OINTS are behind many UFO health and well being, and ultimately, how they bring us closer to sightings as well as the mysterious disappearances of penetrating one of the deepest mysteries being explored.

This statement seems so incredible that it takes a long time to clear one's brainwashed mind to understand its importance fully. Yet the fact that people with high cholesterol live the longest emerges clearly from many scientific Contrary to papers. Consider the finding of Dr Harlan Krumholz of the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine at Yale University, who reported in that old consensus thinking people with low cholesterol died twice as often from a heart attack as did old and propaganda people with high cholesterol.

To be more specific, most studies of old good cardiac health, people have shown that high cholesterol is not a risk factor for coronary heart disease. This was the result of my search in the Medline database for numerous studies studies addressing that question. This means that it is actually much better to have infection and high than to have low cholesterol if you want to live to be very old.

High Cholesterol Protects Against Infection Many studies have found that low cholesterol is in certain respects worse than high cholesterol. For instance, in 19 large studies of more than 68, deaths, reviewed by Professor David R. Jacobs and his co-workers from the Division of Epidemiology at the University of Minnesota, low cholesterol predicted an increased risk of dying from gastrointestinal and respiratory by Uffe Ravnskov, MD, PhD diseases.

Therefore, a relevant question is whether it is the infection that lowers From the Weston A. Price cholesterol or the low cholesterol that predisposes to infection. Endotoxin, also named caused cholesterol to go down, because how could low lipopolysaccharide, is the most toxic substance cholesterol, recorded when these people were without produced by Gram-negative bacteria such as Escherichia any evidence of infection, be caused by a disease which coli, Klebsiella, Salmonella, Serratia and Pseudomonas.

Isn't it more likely that Cytokines are hormones secreted by white blood cells in low cholesterol in some way made them more their battle with microorganisms; high levels of vulnerable to infection, or that high cholesterol cytokines in the blood indicate that inflammatory protected those who did not become infected? Much processes are going on somewhere in the body. They found that the strongest predictor transmitted disease or liver disease run a much greater of death for patients with chronic heart failure was the risk of becoming infected with HIV than do other people.

After having disease. At the end of the study, of these people tested increased because of heart failure. In accordance with positive for HIV; those who had this theory, they found more low cholesterol at the beginning endotoxin in the blood of of the study were twice as likely patients with congestive heart to test positive for HIV failure and oedema than in compared with those with the There are many patients with noncongestive highest cholesterol.

If the immune system is men who had died from AIDS with cholesterol above normal, an induration hard spot will appear about 48 If the induration is very small, with a diameter of less than a Cholesterol and Chronic Heart Failure few millimetres, this indicates the presence of "anergy", Heart disease may lead to a weakening of the heart a reduction in or failure of response to recognise muscle. A weak heart means that less blood and antigens.

To In accordance, anergy has been found associated with compensate for the decreased power, the heartbeat an increased risk of infection and mortality in healthy goes up, but in severe heart failure this is not sufficient. Dr Donna Vredevoe and her group breath because too little oxygen is delivered to the from the School of Nursing and the School of Medicine, tissues; the pressure in their veins increases because University of California, Los Angeles, tested more than the heart cannot deliver the blood away from the heart patients with severe heart failure with five different with sufficient power.

These patients become antigens and followed them for 12 months. The cause of oedematous, meaning that fluid accumulates in the legs heart failure was coronary heart disease in half of them and, in serious cases, also in the lungs and other parts and other types of heart disease such as congenital or of the body.

This condition is called congestive or infectious valvular heart disease, various cardio- chronic heart failure. Almost half of There are many indications that bacteria or other all the patients were anergic, and those who were microorganisms play an important role in chronic heart anergic and had coronary heart disease had a much failure. For instance, patients with severe chronic heart higher mortality than the rest. Those who survive are "imbecile"; they have the patients with anergy but also in the patients with the extremely low cholesterol and suffer from frequent and lowest lipid values, including total cholesterol, LDL severe infections.

However, if their diet is cholesterol and HDL cholesterol as well as triglycerides. They found that the risk of dying for patients with chronic heart Laboratory Evidence failure was strongly and inversely associated with total Laboratory studies are crucial for learning more about cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and also triglycerides; the mechanisms by which the lipids exert their those with high lipid values lived much longer than protective function. One of the first to study this those with low values.

The largest Giessen, Germany, along with his study has been performed by team of researchers from various Professor Gregg C. Fonorow and his They found that institutions in Germany and team at the Department of Medicine the risk of dying Denmark. It is able to with severe heart failure. After five was strongly and destroy a wide variety of human cells, years, 62 per cent of the patients with inversely associated including red blood cells.

Dr low cholesterol—and there are Bhakdi and his team mixed many such observations—they values lived much purified alpha-toxin with human usually argue that severely ill longer than those serum the fluid in which the patients are often malnourished, blood cells reside and saw that and malnourish-ment is therefore with low values. By various However, the mortality of the complicated methods, they patients in this study was identified the protective independent of their degree of substance as LDL, the carrier of nourishment; low cholesterol predicted early mortality the so-called bad cholesterol.

In accordance, no whether the patients were malnourished or not. As discussed in The Cholesterol Myths, much evidence Dr Willy Flegel and his co-workers at the Department supports the theory that people born with very high of Transfusion Medicine, University of Ulm, and the cholesterol, so-called familial hypercholesterolaemia, Institute of Immunology and Genetics at the German are protected against infection. But if inborn high Cancer Research Centre, Heidelberg, in Germany, cholesterol protects against infections, inborn low studied endotoxin in another way.

Indeed, of the effects of endotoxin is that white blood cells are this seems to be true. The German Children with the Smith—Lemli—Opitz syndrome have researchers found that the cytokine-stimulating effect of very low cholesterol because the enzyme that is endotoxin on the white blood cells disappeared almost necessary for the last step in the body's synthesis of completely if the endotoxin was mixed with human cholesterol does not function properly. Most children serum for 24 hours before the white blood cells were with this syndrome are either stillborn or die early added to the test tubes.

It is therefore This was the starting point for a study by Professor fortunate that the blood draining the gut is especially Matthew Muldoon and his team at the University of rich in triglycerides. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They studied healthy young Serious infections caused by Candida albicans are rare in and middle-aged men and found that the total number normal human beings; they are mainly seen in patients of white blood cells and the number of various types of treated with immunosuppressive drugs, but the finding white blood cells were significantly lower in the men shows that we need more knowledge in this area.

Why is high cholesterol a allowed to state that the immune- we are allowed risk factor in young and middle-aged supporting properties of LDL men? A likely explanation is that men cholesterol do indeed play an to state that the of that age are often in the midst important role in human health. High cholesterol may therefore reflect Other Protecting Lipids properties of LDL mental stress, a well-known As seen from the above, many cholesterol do cause of high cholesterol and of the roles played by LDL also a risk factor for heart cholesterol are shared by HDL.

This should not be too surprising, important role in Again, high cholesterol is not considering that high HDL necessarily the direct cause but cholesterol is associated with human health. High cardiovascular health and cholesterol in young and middle- longevity. But there is more. Any are carried through the blood inside lipoproteins, as is possible protective effect of high cholesterol may cholesterol. All lipoproteins carry triglycerides, but therefore be counteracted by the negative influence of a most of them are carried by a lipoprotein named VLDL stressful life on the vascular system.

The injury causes inflammation, Is Atherosclerosis an Infectious Disease? Manning, from the agent] bacteria participate in the development of Pathological Laboratories, University of Pittsburgh, atherosclerosis. Research within this area has exploded Pennsylvania, published a summary of their studies of during the last decade, and by January at least the human arteries and concluded that "there is every reviews of the issue had been published in medical indication that the production of tissue in the intima is journals.

Due to the widespread preoccupation with the result of a direct irritation of that tissue by the cholesterol and other lipids, there has been little presence of infection or toxins or the stimulation by the general interest in the subject, however, and few doctors products of a primary degeneration in that layer".

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Here I shall mention some of the Other researchers have presented similar theories. Bacterial toxins and cytokines, hormones deficiencies of vitamins A and D, consumption of trans secreted by the white blood cells during infections, are fatty acids, microorganisms and many more. With one seen more often in the blood from patients with recent exception, there is evidence to support roles for all of heart disease and stroke, in particular during and after these factors, but the degree to which each of them an acute cardiovascular event, and some of them are participates remains uncertain.

The exception is, of strong predictors of cardiovascular disease. The same is course, LDL cholesterol. Whether we look …no association worth infections, named C-reactive directly with the naked eye at mentioning has ever been protein CRP , is a much the inside of the arteries at stronger risk factor for coronary autopsy or we do it indirectly in found between the amount heart disease than is living people using X-rays, ultrasound or electron beams, of lipid in the blood and the cholesterol. Clinical evidence also no association worth degree of atherosclerosis supports this theory.

During the mentioning has ever been in the arteries. For instance, Dr arteries. Also, whether cholesterol goes up or down, by Armin J. Grau, from the Department of Neurology at the itself or due to medical intervention, the changes of University of Heidelberg, Germany, and his team asked cholesterol have never been followed by parallel patients with acute stroke, patients hospitalised changes in the atherosclerotic plaques; there is no for other neurological diseases and healthy dose—response relationship.

Proponents of the individuals matched individually for age and sex about cholesterol campaign often claim that the trials indeed recent infectious disease. Within the first week before have found dose—response, but here they refer to the stroke, 37 of the stroke patients but only 14 of the calculations between the mean changes of the different control individuals had had an infectious disease.

In trials with the outcome of the whole treatment group. For instance, Dr Kimmo J. Mattila, at the researchers have calculated true dose—response. Department of Medicine, Helsinki University Central A detailed discussion of the many factors accused of Hospital, Finland, found that 11 of 40 male patients with harming the arterial endothelium is beyond the scope of an acute heart attack before age 50 had had an this article.

However, the protective role of the blood influenza-like infection with fever within 36 hours prior lipids against infections obviously demands a closer to admittance to hospital. However, only four out of 41 look at the alleged role of one of the alleged causes: the patients with chronic coronary disease such as microorganisms. But if so, disease randomly selected from the general population high cholesterol may protect against cardiovascular had had an influenza-like infection with fever.

Attempts have been made to prevent cardiovascular In any case, the diet—heart idea, with its demonising of disease by treatment with antibiotics. In five trials, high cholesterol, is obviously in conflict with the idea treatment of patients with coronary heart disease using that high cholesterol protects against infections. Both azithromycin or roxithromycin, antibiotics that are ideas cannot be true. Let me summarise the many facts effective against Chlamydia pneumoniae, yielded that conflict with the idea that high cholesterol is bad.

But as treatment had no significant effect. Also, with its demonising disease, it should be a risk factor in all Chlamydia pneumoniae, the TWAR bacteria, can only propagate inside of high cholesterol, populations, in both sexes, at all ages, in all disease categories, and for both human cells and when located in is obviously in heart disease and stroke. But as you white blood cells they are resistant to know by now, this is not the case. The first one stems controlled trial performed by Dr Both ideas cannot from the statin trials.

Lack of compared with only 2. It is worth mentioning that this effect was that the statins have other effects on plaque much better than that achieved by any statin trial, and stabilisation, as this would not have masked the effect in a much shorter time. On the contrary, if a drug Does High Cholesterol Protect Against Cardiovascular that effectively lowers the concentration of a molecule Disease?

They may be one of the factors same system, a pronounced dose—response should be that start the process by injuring the arterial seen. A secondary role may be inferred from the On the other hand, if high cholesterol has a protective association between acute cardiovascular disease and function, as suggested, its lowering would infection.

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For women in their fertility years, Dr Sellman provides solutions T issue has the potential to dwarf the cigarette smoking and asbestos issues together. For the perimenopausal and menopausal years, there electromagnetic fields than environmental tobacco smoke. This is leading-edge information about how to restore hormonal subject caused Dr Robert O. Becker twice nominated for a balance and eliminate niht sweats, hot flushes, weight gain, Nobel Prize to state in that it is quite possible that chronic depression, anxiety, insomnia and much more.

Cathie explains theorises that of the World that explores the unknown secrets of our reali- the whole of Grid; the t h e ty in this physical reali- Harmonics of incredible exclusive ty which is Hiroshima potential of documen- tangible to us, is formed from and Nagasaki; Harmonic the Earth's energy grid.

Waves; the Cavity Resonance the Energy Grid is created. Researchers into nuclear plasma ball effects at Sandia National Laboratories T he great German—American Simply put, a plasma if charged to a theoretical physicist Friedwardt high-enough density will act as a and other laboratories have made Winterberg stated that the superconductor and will repel all great progress in this technology since generation of gigaelectronvolt GeV external magnetic and electrostatic it was first discovered during the potentials, made possible in the ultra- fields. If the area of the plasma is great testing phase of the atomic bomb in high vacuum of space, has the enough, positive buoyancy or antigravity World War II.

During the war, this effect was first antigravity propulsion system for Normally on Earth, we absorb the discovered by scientists while working spaceflight. After the war, the technology against the electron cloud surrounding act as a superconductor was transferred to the USA under the craft, and with a magnetic field in and will repel all external Operation Paperclip. The fields. If the area of the Bell of Bell Aircraft Corporation. After spacecraft and its surrounding electron plasma is great enough, Bell's death, North American Aviation cloud form a virtual diode with a GeV positive buoyancy or and Grumman took over the research.

This in turn antigravity occurs. Brown effect and the working Earth. The gyroscope and the The very-high-voltage generator mechanism behind the crude induction coil prove this to be true. This was part of the so- other physicists working on the motor generator effect, producing the so- called "Apollo weight reduction relationship between plasma and called gyroscopic effect. For antigravity, program". There is no mathematics needed to invention into the nose of a rocket, you This information has been kept secret explain the basic theory of gravity.

You will have no problem going to the for over 50 years. For this reason, NASA constructed an extremely large vacuum test chamber, called the "environmental test chamber" I detonations of chemical explosives will produce electromagnetic pulses, so it is not surprising that similar pulses Immediately after the detonation of a plasma fireball, the highly ionised vapour or plasma expands rapidly.

A as its cover. To hide the system in full are produced in nuclear explosions. The expanding plasma shield". This was in fact the outer radiation from the burst, of some kind of thus causes a violent distortion of the capacitive plates used for charging the asymmetry in the electric charge Earth's magnetic field as a result of the LM up to the power levels needed in distribution surrounding the region of interaction between the Earth's order to repel the magnetic lines of detonation.

The second is the result of magnetic field and the charged particles force and the electron cloud potential rapid expansion of the essentially in the expanding plasma and charge of the Moon. This It took over three minutes to fully Earth's magnetic field.

The term used during the …electron disconnect… A plasma in a magnetic field always spaceflights was to "warm up the LM". Hence, when the called a Wimshurst generator, was effect that allows the plasma expands it will cause the Earth's disguised as the central gyroscope for plasma fireball to repel and magnetic field lines to expand or to be the spacecraft in order to ensure flight rise up against gravity. This is why the LM and all outside the conducting volume of UFOs can only move in an up—down, The first is called the Compton electron plasma.

This produces an electron left—right, forward—backward motion model. The other is called the field disconnect between the charged while in flight. Field displacement particles in the plasma and the local It was centred directly over the occurs when the expansion of the electromagnetic field of the Earth. With both the by the surrounding material. If the weight reduction system failed and the electromagnetic field of the The remainder of the gas which is still to work, the LM could not take off; Earth will occur.

This produces an charged will be recompressed. This is due to a substantial Jeff Smith has a degree in electrical futile. He During the Apollo 13 mission, the of the Earth and the electron field is a former a nuclear weapons specialist with weight reduction system was used to density of the plasma fireball.

It is the US government and a former UN return the astronauts safely back to called magnetic buoyancy. He is now Earth. Astronaut James Lovell was Electromagnetic buoyancy occurs when semiretired and works for a private nonprofit quoted as saying that "the damned the Earth's magnetic field lines are very research library as a cryptographic curator thing bucked like hell and it was all they rapidly stretched, expanded or moved and historian, preserving restricted could do to control it". Correspondence for Mr Smith can be into space, never to be seen again… fireball.

This produces a form of emailed to editor nexusmagazine. Farrell n , a mysterious Nazi secret weapons project code- A uthor Childress takes us into the fascinating world of maverick sea captains who were Knights Ialong named "The Bell" left its underground bunker in lower Silesia, with all its project documentation, and a 4-star SS gener- Templars and later Scottish Rite Free Masons who al. Taken aboard a massive six-engine ultra-long range aircraft, battled the Vatican and the Spanish and Italian ships "The Bell," Kammler, and all project records disappeared com- that sailed for the Pope.

Later, this fleet of ships and pletely. As a prelude, the SS murdered most of the scientists new ones to come, flew the Skull and Cross Bones, the and technicians involved with the project, a secret weapon that symbol of the Knights Templar. They preyed on the according to one Nobel prize-winning physicist, was given a ships of the Vatican coming from the rich ports of the classification of "decisive for the war," a security classification Americas and were ultimately known as the Pirates of higher than any other secret weapons project in the Third the Caribbean.

Reich, including its atomic bomb. Chapters include: Human Origin Theories; the anthropological, archaeological, cosmological, Dating Techniques; Mechanisms of Darwinian Evolution; What geological and historical evidence for the existence of a Creationists Believe about Human Origins; Evolution Fakes and lost continent in the Atlantic. Maori Races of New Zealand, and much much more. Some of them have talked about their experiences, although doing so is not Soviet and Russian encouraged by their space program.

A cosmonaut is a person trained by a human spaceflight program to command, pilot or serve as a crew member cosmonauts have of a spacecraft. Cosmonauts are professional space travellers. The mass of water resulting from the crash seemed to be a unusual phenomena giant mountain that vanished in an instant. The information was published in in space, ranging the popular Soviet magazine Tekhnika-Molodezhi, issue 3, Cosmonaut Vladimir Kovalyonok reported a very similar water pillar of over kilometres from unidentified in height in the Timor Sea near Australia NLO magazine, 10—11, Cosmonaut and scientist Yevgeny Khrunov remarked back in , in an craft, anomalous article published in Tekhnika-Molodezhi issue 3 , that UFOs cannot be denied clouds, mysterious because thousands of people have observed them.

Properties of unidentified objects simply astound the imagination, he said. He was as outspoken in sounds and music, another interview a year later. This was in pre-perestroika times, and Khrunov could not really speak freely. However, cosmonaut Aleksey Gubarev went a angelic beings, step further, admitting that he believed in aliens. Interestingly enough, he weird whispers that mentioned that the Americans had at their disposal information that confirmed his belief.

Tekhnika-Molodezhi, issue 1, urge them to return Cosmonaut Valery Rozhdestvensky, who does not believe in the presence of to Earth, and an extraterrestrial civilisation anywhere in close vicinity to us, revealed knowledge about secret rumours or information that those outside of special circles i.

In an article in Tekhnika-Molodezhi issue 10, , Rozhdestvensky stated that he did not believe that a "small green man" actually knocked on the porthole of a Soyuz spaceship. Russian UFO researchers have managed to collect more information about cosmonauts and strange phenomena. This was the year of the famous Tehran UFO incident. They reported it to ground control. Vladimir 6 orbital station over the clouds. What's more amazing, it Cosmonaut Georgy Grechko reported seeing a strange changed its size. Previously, on 25 August, both being of gigantic dimensions over Mongolia.

Grechko cosmonauts had observed iridescent clouds: green, and Yuri Romanenko also reported to the Tsentr that purple, reddish, blue and even violet. Other Soviet while in their orbital station over the Falkland Islands they cosmonauts, Vitaly Sevastyanov and Pyotr Klimuk, had actually observed huge letters. The photograph they reported silvery clouds. The structure It ascended between the Gennady Lisov, NLO magazine, of such clouds was either very thin or bright on the edges of the orbital space station and issue 45, 8 November Cosmonaut Vladislav Volkov pitch-dark sky, or transparent, the Progress 14 craft.

The object, at a distance of he had heard in space through These clouds are said to be a his headset intercom: the magical spectacle, but their metres, could have sounds of dogs barking and, origin remains unexplained. Distinguished Russian been the size of a spaceship. The , and yet he heard those clouds are the highest in the Earth's atmosphere, located strange noises. To his death, he was not able to explain at an altitude of 70—90 kilometres.

They consist of what he'd heard at the time. Volkov perished in the Soyuz diffused particles, but their nature is still unclear. NLO magazine, ibid. UFOs, probably no one in the world can say what they are. It is impossible to refute similar phenomena, for they have been witnessed by thousands or tens of thousands of people.

However, the physical nature of the UFO phenomenon remains indeterminate, he noted. Tekhnika- Molodezhi, issue 11, At the beginning of , cosmonaut Vladimir Aksyonov was more cautious. He said that cosmonauts often observe peculiar light phenomena of an as-yet- inexplicable nature. The contemporary stage of research into the phenomena, he said, is similar to the early establishment of such sciences as zoology and botany, when the naturalists simply described unknown Salyut 6 Soviet orbital space station with Soyuz spacecraft docked right.

It Salyut 7 orbital station. In view of the dominant ideology, ascended between the orbital space station and the this incident was quite embarrassing to the Soviet regime Progress 14 craft. The object, at a distance of metres, and was hushed up for years. The popular Russian could have been the size of a spaceship. The magazine NLO issue 9, carried an account of the cosmonauts reported their sighting to the Tsentr. The researcher and author for example, NLO: fakty I incident began on the th day of the station's flight. The crew was busy with planned experiments, tests and Kolchin also recalled speaking in April with scientific observations and was about to start medical cosmonaut Pyotr Klimuk, who confirmed that he does experiments.

All of them were experienced, skilled not refute the existence of UFOs cosmonauts. The in Sputnik magazine in on None questioned cosmonauts immediately informed the perception of UFOs by cosmonauts that the shapes Tsentr. It contains stories While the astonished Tsentr was told by 10 Soviet and American space turned out to be analysing the report, Salyut 7 entered explorers. Only one did not refute the the cloud.

The crew had the brief possibility of UFOs coming to our seven heavenly impression that the orange cloud had galaxy. They were all Yevgeny Khrunov actually engulfed by the mysterious orange mentioned that it is not possible They looked so glow, blinded and out of contact to deny the presence of UFOs in much like humans, with their comrades. However, our galaxy. Thousands of people their sight was restored quickly. Maybe they and yet they The cosmonauts stumbled to the are just optical illusions, he said, were different: station's portholes.

What they but some of their saw left them speechless. They characteristics—for instance, the they possessed could easily discern seven gigantic degree change of their flight huge wings and shapes inside the orange cloud. Their political ideals and their Cosmonaut Gennady Strekalov blinding haloes. None phenomena several times but is doubted their eyes. None hesitant to classify these questioned that the shapes turned sightings as UFOs. However, he out to be seven heavenly angels.

Strekalov did not provide details about were different: they possessed huge wings and blinding their sightings. He described the phenomenon he'd haloes. When the angels gazed upon the Soviet crew, they observed on 28 September during his sojourn on did so with the most wonderful smiles of joy and rapture; the space station Mir: a sphere over Newfoundland at an no human could smile like that. Ten minutes went by altitude of 20—30 kilometres. The atmosphere was clear quickly. As the clock ticked away, the angels disappeared and visibility was perfect. The sphere was beautiful and along with their cloud.

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The crew of Salyut 7 felt a it changed colours. It remained visible for 10 seconds, devastating loss. But the Tsentr was demanding a further and then vanished instantly. Strekalov remembered that explanation. When the cosmonauts' report was received it had a perfect shape. He said that he'd reported the by the Tsentr, it was classified as Top Secret.

The crew was then ordered to Cosmonauts must be cautious, he said. Cosmonaut measure its own physical and mental health instead of Gennady Manakov was with Strekalov aboard Mir and carrying out further experiments in space. The tests observed the same phenomenon. Rabochaya Tribuna, 16 indicated that the cosmonauts were well and of sound October mind. In return, return, return…" So, the Whisper told the order to prevent unnecessary furore, the Politburo made cosmonaut a very private story about his mother and his sure that the report remained secret.

The Salyut 7 crew great-grandfather, as if to prove his inside knowledge of was warned to keep silent. No angels could exist inside or the family. Both cosmonauts were back on Earth two days later. The Whisper came back to them one more time. The The Space Whisper "texts" of what it said were the same as the first time, and There are still episodes of Soviet space exploration that both felt the alien presence throughout their time in orbit. Among them are Cosmonaut X and his comrade spent endless hours accounts of the so-called "Space Whisper" which have trying to determine what it was that they had experienced.

The author of at least one They were atheists, and they both liked science fiction. The following This led them to conclude that alien intelligence, using account is from Press-Extra, issue , To convince humanity that its revealed some information but sons and daughters in outer space are demanded that he remain anonymous. How long definitive information among them or atheists, and they have "they" been researching our report anything to the doctors.

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They civilisation? Perhaps for thousands of were afraid that the latter would both liked years. Yet, if it was not an alien Whisper greenhorns. He was wrong. Did departed Cosmonaut X and his comrade were intelligence, relatives really visit Soviet crews in aboard a Soviet spacecraft, flying using some kind space?

This conclusion shattered over the Earth's southern the cosmonauts' convictions, their hemisphere, when the Whisper of hypnosis, atheism and their view of the came to them. He suddenly felt as is determined to world. Did it mean that there is life if someone else was next to them. The cosmonaut from exploring existence? There must be a had no doubt that he was being outer space. A second later, his mused, and on the top of the comrade, the flight engineer, who hierarchy would be the Creator, as was looking out through the the Whisper had informed porthole, turned around sharply cosmonaut X.

Both were The cosmonauts faced a quite ordinary people, far removed from any mystical dilemma: to report the incidents or not. If they did, their beliefs, but they were good friends who'd known each careers could end immediately. They could be considered other long before their Star City training. That is why they impressionable people, their psyches too unstable for were not afraid to compare their impressions after the further flights into space.

Their sense of duty told both episode ended. They received different "texts", but their cosmonauts that they had to make a report, but they did initial reactions to the Whisper were identical: both not listen to that sense. Other cosmonauts kept became mute and dumbfounded. However, some cosmonauts depths of his consciousness. It said to him: "You arrived who had heard the Whisper chose to make reports on their here too early, and you did it in the wrong fashion.

Trust return from space. As a result, special medical teams were me, for I am your ancestor on the maternal side. Do you introduced into the training program, top-rated medical remember she told you, back when you were a child, about hypnotists began to explore cosmonauts' psyches, and your great-grandfather who founded D. Sonny, you should not be here.