This week in astrology for leo

New and solid couples will enjoy playing house and nesting more than ever. Get those dealbreakers out in the open and off the table! Going somewhere, Leo? Sunday marks the year's only full moon in liberated Aries and your ninth house of travel, adventure and expansion.

Leo Weekend Horoscope

Even a short jaunt can shake things up and help you see things from a fresh perspective. The next two weeks are peak manifesting time for this lunation, but really, its energy will reverberate for up to six months, giving you ample time to bust through a plateau and widen your horizons. Literal travel will be thrilling now, helping couples reconnect and strengthen their bond and create new erotic memories.

Single Cats will be feeling frisky and adventurous, and this vibration will attract intriguing people into your field. If you enjoy our free weekly Leo horoscope forecasts, why not drop by every day!

Taurus | Taurus rising

Start the week off right Leo, by reading this week's astrology forecasts and horoscope predictions. This could be the week you find a soulmate or decide your relationship is forever -- or over! When should you choose to hold a difficult conversation? Should you put buy that new home or invest your savings in a new stock or fund? What are the best days for you to travel?

Let the universe send you some seeds for contemplation and you may find that your fortune turns in a good way this week! Jonathan Cainer's Weekly Leo Horoscope.

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Astral Reflections Weekly Forecast for Leo. Eugenia Last Weekly Predictions for Leo. Leo Weekly Horoscopes by Horoscopes. Minerva's Stars Weekly Leo Horoscopes. We know…Mondays are rough!

The Month Ahead for Leo

Except for the lucky few enjoying a vacation, it's most likely back to the grindstone. The weekend just isn't long enough for us! Still, looking on the bright side, this new week has so much astrological potential.

Weekly for Leo

Why don't you make some "you time" and read your Leo astrology for the week ahead to get a picture of what's around the corner? You could very well find yours a lucky Leo over the next weeks. Maybe Monday isn't such a bad day after all! Astrocenter Weekly Leo Horoscope Forecast.

Leo Weekly Astrology Horoscope 16th September 2019

Michael Lutin Weekly Leo Horoscopes. Leo Horoscope Weekly. Not only do you get your weekly horoscope overview Leo, you can also look forward to your weekly Leo love horoscope , weekly Leo money horoscope and weekly career and business horoscope for Leo!

Mystic Stars Weekly Horoscopes for Leo. Astrology Forecasts by Marjorie Orr. Terry Nazon's Leo Week Ahead. Tuesday isn't a very active day for weekly Leo horoscope predictions. We recommend browsing some of our other free horoscopes and astrology as well as the weekly forecasts if you're wanting more. We've also got you covered for love and relationships, daily, monthly and yearly astrology predictions. Our site features all the best Leo horoscopes and astrology, not just weekly.

So poke around, Tuesday is as good a day to visit as any!

Aries | Aries rising

Venus enters your financial sector on Saturday, giving you belated birthday cash. And Venus enters Leo on Saturday, making you irresistible for your birthday! Gather with old friends! Venus enters your spirituality sector on Saturday, giving you divine connection. Smooth out any work conflict on Wednesday by leading with empathy.

Leo Weekly Horoscope: See What’s in Store for Your Zodiac Sign

Venus enters your friend zone on Saturday, inspiring your romances to feel more friendly. Leo season lights up your career sector as it begins on Monday, inviting change, progress, and opportunity. A breakthrough moment arrives on Wednesday as you see a situation more optimistically. Venus also joins your work zone, helping you beautify and harmonize your relationships on the job.

Wednesday is full of sexual energy, so make the most of your night. Venus enters your travel sector this Saturday, giving you a long-distance longing for another. Talk to a lover about that on Wednesday, and show your willingness to change things up.